Weapons Education Holsters

SKU: 2282

TOM'S "DUAL GUN HOLSTERS." All sidearm holsters are designed to last your lifetime and others. Each holster encompasses a total of 4 layers of leather. 2 layers on each side, including steel mesh on the inside and smooth leather lined where your gun meets the leather. This is a true bargain for the cost, custom hand-made and the highest quality leather meshed together to feel like it is a polymer holster even though it is the highest grade leather. 100% American leather and craftsmanship.

This holster is perfect for motorcycle riders, or anyone who wants to carry 2 guns. This can also be carried in your front torso. Especially if it is cold outside and you have a large jacket. Please call: 954-804-4381 so that we can custom stitch these holsters for you.