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The future of gun channel videos is an unknown. The YouTube world of gun channels is changing rapidly. Tom, the host of Weapons Education has been working on a multi-million-dollar project for the past two years. It will enable you to have all your futuristic / interactive gun instruction videos, podcast, monthly online magazine, and personal training in your area. etc. Found at one online place. The people involved within this worldwide project are not only the top gun channels in the world but also the top instructors in the world. This is the future of the internet and gun / 2nd Amendment related content. Period. We focus on a platform in which no one else has ever done. You will now be able to take online courses starting from a free membership to a very small monthly membership if you desire. You can customize the online and private training events you desire. Starting with beginners basics to high end S.W.A.T training. Simply provide your first name and e-mail to be notified of the launch in November 2017. Be one of the first 5,000 to get special promotions and private invitations, etc. Sign up below for free! Stay safe-Tom

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